Turbomachinery Engineers

axilAxial-Flow Compressors
A Strategy for Aerodynamic Design and Analysis
By Ronald H. Aungier

This book provides a thorough description of an aerodynamic design and analysis systems for Axial-Flow Compressors. It describes the basic fluid dynamic and thermodynamic principles, empirical models and numerical methods used for the full range of procedures and analytical tools that an engineer needs for virtually any type of Axial-Flow Compressor, aerodynamic design or analysis activity.

It reviews and evaluates several design strategies that have been recommended in the literature or which have been found to be effective. It gives a complete description of an actual working system, such that readers can implement all or part of the system.

Engineers responsible for developing, maintaining of improving design and analysis systems can benefit greatly from this type of reference. The technology has become so complex and the role of computers so pervasive that about the only way this can be done today is to concentrate on a specific design and analysis system.

The author provides practical methodology as well as the details needed to implement the suggested procedures.
• Publisher: ASME
• Publish Date: 2003
• Pages: 372
• Language: English
• ISBN: 0791801926

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