Turbomachinery Engineers

turbineTurbine Aerodynamics
Axial-Flow and Radial-Flow Turbine Design and Analysis
By Ronald H. Aungier

This book provides a thorough description of actual, working aerodynamic design and analysis systems, for both axial-flow and radial-flow turbines. It describes the basic fluid dynamic and thermodynamic principles, empirical models and numerical methods used for the full range of procedures and analytical tools that an engineer needs for virtually any type of aerodynamic design or analysis activity for both types of turbine.

The book includes sufficient detail for readers to implement all or part of the systems. The author provides practical and effective design strategies for applying both turbine types, which are illustrated by design examples. Comparisons with experimental results are included to demonstrate the prediction accuracy to be expected. This book is intended for practicing engineers concerned with the design and development of turbines and related machinery.

• Publisher: ASME
• Publish Date: 2006
• Pages: 420
• Language: English
• ISBN: 0791802418

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