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Compressor Performance CoverCompressor Performance
Aerodynamics For The User
Third Edition 286 Pages
by: M. Theodore Gresh


Compressor Performance: Aerodynamics for the User, Third Edition continues the book's 25 year history as a trusted reference on compressor design and maintenance. This new edition is updated throughout to cover new regulations and technology relevant to compressors, with new content adding coverage of strings of equipment, including gas turbines. Users will find sections that run the full spectrum of information needed for an individual to select, operate, test and maintain axial or centrifugal compressors. In addition, basic aerodynamic theory provides users with the how's and why's of compressor design, and troubleshooting guidelines help maintenance engineers save time in the field.

Key Features

  • Provides detailed instructions for best practice field performance tests to ASME standards
  • Includes illustrations with detailed diagrams of compressor equipment
  • Presents new case studies of equipment string analysisSpeed Compensated Performance Curve
  • Includes extensive reference material in an appendix, including Mollier diagrams, permissible deviations and fluctuations and surge identificationCoefficient Curve


Turbomachinery Engineers, Project Engineers, Field Inspectors, Plant Engineers and Facilities Engineers

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