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Compressor HandbookCompressor Handbook
By: Paul C. Hanlon 2001

The "Compressor Handbook" is where you will find all the answers on the design procedures, practical application, and maintenance of compressors - straight from the top experts on these widely used machines.
The "Compressor Handbook" gives you coverage of everything from fundamentals and theory to advanced applications, techniques, and today's materials. Look inside for sought-after data on compressors that inflate tires, spray paint, increase the density of natural gas, or perform any of a myriad of other important industrial and day-to-day functions.

Chapter 1. Compressor Theory, Derek Woollatt, Dresser-Rand Co.
Chapter 2. Compressor Performance - Positive Displacement, Derek Woolatt and Fred Heidrich. Dresser-Rand Co.
Chapter 3. Compressor Performance - Dynamic, Paolo Bendinelli, Massimo Camatti, Marco Giachi, Eugenio Rossi, Novo Pignone
Chapter 4. Centrifugal Compressors - Construction and Testing, M. Theodore Gresh, Elliott Co.
Chapter 5. Compressor Analysis, Harvey Nix, Training-n-Technologies
Chapter 6. Compressor and Piping System Simulation, Larry E. Blodgett, Southwest Research Institute
Chapter 7. Very High Pressure Compressors (over 100 Mpa [14500 psi]), Enzo giacomelli, alessandro Traversari, Nuovo Pignone
Chapter 8. CNG Compressors, Mark Epp, Jenmar Concepts
Chapter 9. Liquid Transfer/Vapor Recovery, William A. Kennedy Jr., Blackmer/A Dover Resource Company
Chapter 10. Compressed Natural Gas for Vehicle Fueling, Adam Weisz - Margulescu, P. Eng., FuelMaker Corp.
Chapter 11. Gas Boosters, Karl-Heinz Bark, MaxPro Technologies
Chapter 12. Scroll Compressors, Robert W. Schaffer, Air Squared, Inc.
Chapter 13. Straight Lobe Compressors, A. G. Patel, P.E., Roots, Division of Dresser Industries, Inc.
Chapter 14. The Oil-Flooded Rotary Screw Compressor, Hasu Gajjar, Weatherford Compression
Chapter 15. Diaphram Compresors, G. Reighard, Howden Process Compressors, Inc.
Chapter 16. Rotary Compressor Seals, James Netzel, John Crane Inc.
Chapter 17. Reciprocating Compressor Sealing, Paul Hanlon, C. Lee Cook, A Dover Resources Company
Chapter 18. Compressor Lubrication, Glen Majors, PE, C. E. S. Associated, Inc.
Chapter 19. Principals of Bearing Design, Hooshang Heshmat, Ph.D. and H. Ming Chen, Ph.D., P.E., Mohawk Innovative Technology, Inc.
Chapter 20. Compressor Valves, Walter J. Tuymer and Dr. Erich H. Machu, Hoerbiger Corporation of America, Inc.
Chapter 21. Compressor Control Systems, Robert J. Lowe, T. F. Hudgins, Inc.
Chapter 22. Compressor Foundations, Robert L Rowan, Jr., Robert L. Rowan & Associated, Inc.
Chapter 23. Packaging Compressors, Judith E. Vera, Energy Industries, Inc.

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