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turbineFlexware provides equipment monitoring services, consulting services, software and training for Turbomachinery for the petrochemical and power industries worldwide.

Flexware software provides an easy and very accurate means of determining equipment efficiency for gas turbines, steam turbines and compressors. Software is available for designing or modifying Turbomachinery aero path for new equipment design, rerates or other efficiency improvements. Customized Turbomachinery software is also available.

Engineering services include design or modification of aero path for compressors and steam turbines along with site efficiency analysis of equipment and aerodynamic and mechanical troubleshooting of equipment and operational problems.

training1softwaredevelopment1Customized training programs are available for compressors and turbines.

AWM Asset Web Monitor. Cloud based equipment monitoring service is provided. Track Turbomachinery performance, processs variables and vibration.


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