Turbomachinery Engineers

Flexware® Turbomachinery Training Programs. Call us about our training seminars. With our years of experience in turbomachinery training Flexware® can provide you with a quality program that suits your needs.

Turbomachinery Performance Seminars

Centrifugal & Axial Compressors - Steam Turbines - Gas Turbines - Reciprocating Compressors

These 3-day seminars are for operators, engineers and technicians interested in compressor & turbine performance and condition based maintenance. Software for turbomachinery performance calculations and printed reference material is provided with the programs.  

training• Aerodynamics
• Thermodynamics
• Aero components
• Compressor characteristics
• Equipment selection
• Field testing
• Troubleshooting
• Case Studies
• Inspection
• Condition based maintenance
• Startup & operation
• Flex Live® Software
• Performance monitoring

Customized Program

Let us quote you a price to conduct a customized training program at your facility. We can design a program to fit your needs and specifically address your situation.

Some other subjects we can include in your program:

• Lube and seal oil systems
• Couplings & Alignment
• Vibration and rotordynamics
• Bearings & seals.
• Modernization strategies
• Proactive & condition based maintenance
• Flow meters
Flexware Zoom Training Schedule for 2023:
           Remote Training via Zoom
Dates are Pending for 2023 (20 hours)
Compressors and Their Drivers
Vibration, Field Performance Analysis, Auxiliary Systems,
Bearings, Seals, Case Studies, Troubleshooting and
Problem Resolution.
Dates are Pending for 2023 (12 hours)
Coupling basics, Definition, Coupling Selection, Balancing,
Interface to Shaft, Service Factor, Alignment, Torsional Dynamics
Coupling Faillures.
Dates are Pending for 2023 (12 hours)
Fundementals of Gears, Some History, Gear teeth nomenclature,
Types of Gears, Gear Arrangements, Theory of Gear Tooth action,
Failure Modes & Prevention, Inspection & Quality Control, Materials
and heat treatment, Specification and formats, Load capacity ratings,
Lubrication types and methods, Selection.
Dates are Pending for 2023 (12 hours)
Flex Live Software
Flex Live software basics, continuous data streaming, compressor and
steam turbine and gas turbine performance analysis, trending and forecasting.
Dates are Pending for 2023 (12 hours)
Vibration and Rotor Dynamics
Vibration, Rotor Dynamiccs, Case Studies, Troubleshooting and
Problem Resolution.

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