Turbomachinery Engineers


  • CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCE MONITORING:This article will offer some reasons to continuously monitor compressor and turbine performance and present some case studies in support of continuous performance monitoring .
  • GAS TURBINE PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS: A regular check on the overall efficiency can tell a lot about the condition of the turbine and help decide if further investigation is necessary. All that is needed is the driven power and the fuel consumption.
  • LOST GRAPHICAL TECHNIQUES: The following is a means of determining the numerical points for a compressor performance curve so they can be transferred to an Excel spread sheet for plotting operating points.
  • REMOTE MONITORING: A big advantage to doing equipment monitoring remotely is that it brings all the data together quickly and easily. At the touch of a finger! Saving us all time and money.
  • ROTOR DYNAMICS: The primary factor to assure long-term reliability of any rotating machinery is a good understanding of the rotor dynamics of that equipment.
  • WEARING in PEEK SEALS: For a sustained rub, the PEEK material will locally overheat and soften and deform or even melt opening up the clearances to an amount that can be sustained.

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