Turbomachinery Engineers

Flexware provides temporary technical employees for:

  • Refineries
  • Chemical Plants
  • Power Plants
  • Gas Plants

Call Flexware and we can provide you:

  • Turbomachinery Engineers
  • Site Supervisors
  • Construction Advisors
  • Technicians

Engineering Services

Flexware has a lot to offer.  Put our years of engineering experience with turbomachinery to work for you.

Call us about your compressor questions.  Our years of turbomachinery experience includes compressor, turbine design, manufacturing, shop & and field testing and troubleshooting of centrifugal and axial compressors and axial and radial inflow turbines and pumps.  We have experience with aerodynamic & mechanical failures, noise and vibration problems.

Our services include:

Training Seminars

  • Flex Live® software
  • CompAero and TurbAero software
  • Compressor Performance Seminar
  • Steam Turbine Seminar
  • Gas Turbine Seminar
  • Turbomachinery Reliability
  • Reciprocating Compressors

Flex Live™ software installation & setup.

Compressor & steam turbine performance analysis:

  • Routine monitoring
  • Efficiency and capacity maximization
  • Troubleshooting performance problems.

Troubleshooting of turbomachinery mechanical problems including:

  • Gas face and oil seals.
  • Bearings
  • Impeller failures
  • Vibration and rotor dynamics
  • Noise

Finite Element Analysis (ANSYS)

  • Frequency & thermal analysis
  • Transient & steady state

Engineering drawings

Witness Tests & Inspection Services

  • Witness turbine, compressor & pump tests
  • Source Inspections
  • Supplier expediting

Call us about your turbomachinery questions and problems. 



Ron Stewart
Sr Service Engineer

Assessing reapplication of equipment, conducting training programs & troubleshooting various Turbomachinery & process system problems Ron Stewart001

Ted Gresh
Sr Service Engineer

Troubleshoot various Turbomachinery problems including vibration problems, bearing & seal issues & aerodynamic problems including equipment redesign, upgrades & rerates. Gresh

Anibal Arias
Sr Service Engineer

Equipment reliability & maintenance; turnarounds and training programs.  Troubleshooting various Turbomachinery issues including piping vibration, turbomachinery vibration problems, bearing & seal issues AnibalBali

John Holland
Sr Aerodynamicist

Compressor and turbine aero design. Troubleshooting Turbomachinery aerodynamic problems, equipment redesign, upgrades & rerates. Holland Photo

Michael Pelle
Sr Welding and Materials Engineer

Welding and materials engineering. Design of new equipment and rerates, root cause failure analysis and repairs of rotating machinery and other critical equipment in nuclear, fossil fuels, refineries and natural gas plants. MPelle

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