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Steam Flex®

Steam Flex® is a program based on Keenan & Keyes steam tables. Various steam properties can be calculated by the user.
Flexware® Startup Manual

Program features:

State Points:  Steam state points can be calculated given a pressure and any of the following: temperature, entropy, enthalpy, and moisture.
Steam Rates:  Theoretical steam rates can be calculated given inlet and exhaust pressures, plus inlet temperature, inlet enthalpy, inlet entropy, or inlet moisture.
Estimations:  "Straight through" steam turbines can be estimated given power or inlet steam flow, speed, efficiency, inlet and exhaust pressures, plus inlet temperature, inlet enthalpy, inlet entropy, or inlet moisture. A feature allows the estimation of blade heights when disk base diameters are given.
Extractions:  Extraction or induction steam turbines can be estimated similar to the straight through type.
Field Test:  Turbine efficiency can be evaluated based on Field operating data.
Detailed print outs are available with each program function.
Full control of the input and output units is available. All normally used English system and metric system units are user selectable.
Steam Flex
Computer System Requirements:
Windows based Server, PC or compatible computer.
Windows XP, Vista, 7

Steam Flex® Troubleshooting
Steam Flex® will not install
Verify that all programs other than Program Manager are turned off.
If you are on a network, reboot your computer and do not connect until the install is complete.
Steam Flex® will not execute or run
Verify that the Hasp Key is properly installed in the USB port. Remove and reinstall to assure good contact is made.
Follow directions in the installation directions.
Be sure that your computer has the proper hardware requirements. See the Introduction section for details.

Further help
For further help in resolving any difficulties with Steam Flex®, or any questions regarding the Steam Flex® or any other Flex program, contact the Flexware, Inc. Service Office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or your nearest Distributor. Please have your software serial number available prior to calling. The serial number can be found in the product literature, on the Hasp key attached to the USB port.

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